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Boat Tour to the Secret Island

You’ve probably already seen our extra amenities and activities? There are a lot of them and you can enjoy any. But today we want to make a special accent on the Island boat tours. Remember a book about Robinson Crusoe? You have a chance to experience a piece of his life on your own!

Chill and Escape in Our Natural Shelters

Be a creator of your own rest on the beach or under the trees, be at ease and stay in the privacy of your own mind for a while. At our resort you will enjoy the beauty of the nature, delicious taste of palatable dishes and breath-taking view of amazing landscapes.

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Discover the Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is always so much fun! This is one from our activities that we propose you – unique great chance to dive in all senses to the underwater world and fully immerse into extraordinary atmosphere. Swimming with beautiful fish in a clean water is a fantastic chance to explore the underwater life.